My history is full of memories but most of all it’s full of values.

People, environment and jobs.
And you have many opportunities to get to know me.


The year is 1890 There are black and white photos; Mascagni directs the premiere of La Cavalleria Rusticana; International Workers’ Day is established. And a small but hard-working Italian family lays the foundations to create a business making products that will improve people's daily lives. What use are detergents otherwise?


After the Roaring Twenties, this roaring business (Scala) began to scale up by introducing its first soap products. But it was in 1938 that the desire to ‘climb the peak’ of cleanliness laid the foundations for a name that has made its mark in history. Scala!


Boom! The company innovates, invests and scales up. The small business is no longer so small, to the extent that it gets equipped with an atomisation tower. But you may ask, what is an atomisation tower? At that time, everyone was asking that, so don't worry. It’s used to produce washing powder. And the small company was the first in Italy! Amazing! Then, with the introduction of the second tower, cleanliness has only one name. Yes, Scala.


We produce the first liquid dish detergent. It then receives the ‘Premio Mercurio D’Oro’ award for innovation. Because up to then, nobody had actually invented such a detergent. This was followed by memorable advertising campaigns and famous brand ambassadors. In the 1990s, Scala products are exported abroad for the first time.


Deco Industrie, a cooperative company based in Bagnacavallo (a fantastic town, by the way), takes over the Scala company, safeguarding its entire workforce. This move was acknowledged with an Ethic Award. It’s a historic moment for Scala, marking a new era.


A new era, a new logo. It’s more in step with the changing times that make the world increasingly connected. But Scala combines a modern approach with its own tradition. The company therefore launches a new line of powder laundry detergents with innovative formulas.


The environment calls, Scala responds. Sustainability becomes the norm. Bottles are now made of recycled plastic, like the packaging, which replaces cardboard boxes. In 2012, Scala receives the ‘Product of the Year’ award for innovation. And so, innovation is ongoing, resulting in new product lines to meet the growing and increasingly specific demands of the market.


Social time! The Facebook community ‘Il Pulito che vorrei’ (The Cleanliness I would like) is created and now has more than 95,000 followers. Loads! Then the company starts to sponsor Bologna Calcio, followed by a new TV advertising campaign and, let the drums roll, in 2021 Scala is acknowledged the status of ‘Historic Brand of National Interest’ by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. In short, Scala enters history.